Volunteering Abroad for Skilled Professionals


WIN-NEPAL’s Projects for Professionals are projects designed specifically for graduates, professionals on a career break, and retirees who wish to take part in volunteer work in a developing country.

We currently have volunteering projects for professionals in various destinations across Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Lamjung and various other areas. These projects can last from two weeks to several months and you can decide your own dates.

The aim of these projects is to listen to the needs of local communities and to harness the expertise of qualified volunteers. WIN-NEPAL matches each volunteer to a placement where your existing knowledge will have the greatest impact. By working alongside local partners as well as fellow volunteers you will use your skills to help improve the lives of some of the most economically disadvantaged people in the world.

If you have a particular skill or qualification and are eager to put it to use then please find below a list of the different Projects for Professionals projects that WIN-NEPAL has to offer:



Professional Volunteering Opportunities in Care

With WIN-NEPAL you can get involved volunteering abroad on social work projects that focus on providing support for disadvantaged children and adults. These projects are designed for recent graduates, retired seniors, or social workers on a career break.

We work with a wide range of local partners, including orphanages, community groups, clinics, and care homes. The aim of these projects is to provide support for the victims of social problems, covering a range of issues including domestic violence, family education, adolescent mothers, and orphans. In the developing world these issues are not always properly addressed and so the help of experienced volunteers is very much needed.

WIN-NEPAL allocates each volunteer to a project based upon individual skills and expectations. This allows you to get the most out of the experience and enables you to best make lasting contribution.

Please find all the available WIN-NEPAL Care projects.


Professional Volunteering Opportunities in Medicine & Healthcare


With WIN-NEPAL, you can volunteer on one of many medical projects all based in the developing world. These are specially designed for recent graduates, retired seniors and medical volunteers on a career break.

We work with a wide range of local partners, including private hospitals, clinics, and care centers. Our aim is to support institutions that are providing healthcare to poor communities. We also aim to provide healthcare and provisions to people who may not ordinarily have access to it. Medical volunteers with a skill or qualification can play an important role in this development process.

Our application process requests your skills, expectations, and the benefit you believe your expertise can bring to a project. This allows us to make an accurate project allocation and for you to get the most out of your experience.

Please find below a list of all the available WIN-NEPAL Medicine & Healthcare projects for professional volunteers.


Professional doctors volunteering in Nepal will work at a hospital or health post in Chitwan.

Only 15% of Nepal’s population is provided for by its National Health system. The hospital we work at in Chitwan is a private hospital. It charges approximately one fifth of what many private hospitals in Kathmandu charge, thus providing more affordable health care for poorer members of the community. In addition to this, a hospital trust fund, partly funded through Projects Abroad, provides discounted and free healthcare for some patients.

Many medical students train at the hospital in Chitwan. The health post provides basic healthcare for patients who live further away from the hospitals.

This project is perfect for anyone qualified considering volunteer work abroad or doctors on a career break.

Here you will find answers to the following questions:

How can volunteer doctors help in Nepal?

What will I gain from this project?

What will WIN-NEPAL provide?

What skills or qualifications do I need?


How can volunteer doctors help in Nepal?

As a volunteer doctor you can use your knowledge and training to help local staff improve standards of healthcare. Most of the facilities we with work with are not short staffed. However, volunteers are vitally needed to improve the standards of healthcare through training.

Volunteers may also be able to participate in outreach programs with disadvantaged groups in the local area.

You can work on tasks such as:

  • Organizing and leading lectures, workshops, and on the job training for staff and students at the hospital or health post.
  • Helping to develop clinical protocols.
  • Observing or in some cases working with existing staff to treat patients in order to gain an understanding of medical practices in Nepal.
  • Taking part in outreach programs in the surrounding areas, where possible.

The obvious differences in the local facilities, medical practice, language, and culture mean you will need to take some time to observe and get to know the staff before you will have the opportunity to teach or do any practical work.

Most volunteers work 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, although this may vary.

The hospital staff is specifically on the lookout for volunteers with experience in cardiology, neurosurgery, pediatrics, thoracic surgery, laposcopic surgery, emergency medicine, and micro-surgery. They would also appreciate anyone with experience of hospital management.

Please note senior hospital staff and WIN-NEPAL staff are able to speak English but most patients will not be able to communicate in English.

This project runs all year round so you can join at any time. You decide how much time you can spare and we will help you get the most out of it. Volunteers should note that it takes time to adjust to differences and to gain the trust of local staff. Therefore, the longer a volunteer is able to stay the more they and the hospital will gain from the project.

 What will I gain from this project?

This professional volunteer work abroad will allow you to observe how medicine is practiced in the developing world. You may also experience diseases, medical conditions, and treatments that are uncommon in your home country. You will gain new skills through your work training local staff and students.

You will learn about the Nepalese culture and way of life through speaking to your new colleagues. Staff and patients will want to hear about your life back home and your family and friends. We call this “cultural exchange” and we think it helps our volunteers gain a new perspective on life.

What will be provided?

We have over 20 years’ experience of running volunteer projects. We provide you with the following support to make sure your time in Nepal are successful and enjoyable:

  • Safe accommodation with a Nepalese family close to your project.
  • Friendly and dedicated local staff available to help 24 hours a day.
  • Collection on arrival at Kathmandu airport. You will spend your first night in a local hotel.
  • Medical and travel insurance.

What skills or qualifications do I need?

 You need to be fully qualified as a doctor, have a relevant license to practice in your country of residence and 2 years’ experience.

Please contact us if you think your knowledge may be useful on this project but do not have the required qualifications or experience

Professional Volunteering Opportunities in Teaching

You can take part in professional volunteer teaching opportunities in the developing world with WIN-NEPAL. These projects are perfect for recent graduates, retirees, or teachers on a career break or sabbatical.

We work with a number of local partners, including primary and secondary schools, universities, drama groups and IT centers. Education remains one of the most important ways to combat poverty and by volunteering as a professional you will be playing a huge role in this process. As part of every project you will be working alongside local professionals and will be expected to share your own knowledge and experience.

Upon application WIN-NEPAL will take into account your current skills and training. This enables us to place each volunteer at an institution where their help and expertise will be most beneficial.

Please find below a list of all the available WIN-NEPAL Teaching projects.

If you are not a trained professional in this area you can still take part in a volunteer project with us. 

Click here to view our regular Teaching volunteer projects .

 Professional Volunteering Opportunities in Law & Human Rights

You can take part in law and human rights volunteering with WIN-NEPAL. All of these projects are based in the developing world and are ideal for recent graduates, retirees or lawyers on a career break.

We work with a number of partners, including human rights offices, legal firms, and NGOs. On these projects you will work alongside local qualified professionals who will be eager to share ideas and knowledge about human rights. You will also meet less experienced people who will benefit from your guidance and support.

Our partners are working at grassroots level in areas such as child trafficking, refugee rights, and police accountability. Volunteer lawyers or professionals with a related skill or qualification can play an important role in this work.

With a wide range of projects available, we can work with you to decide the placement that best suits your experience and abilities.

Please find all the available WIN-NEPAL’S  Law & Human Rights projects.