University Dissertations


College and University Thesis or Dissertation Research Overseas with WIN-NEPAL

The Dissertation Program with WIN-NEPAL is designed for undergraduates researching their final-year dissertations or theses.

This program takes advantage of the experience and expertise of members of our staff in supervising this type of work, in particular our Director Mr. Robben Pandey.

We can help you prepare a detailed research plan in conjunction with your thesis advisor, and we sort out your practical requirements in the field, in advance.


Researching your dissertation or thesis overseas offers academic and personal benefits:

  1. Academically, you can present an original item of study
  2. On a personal front, you broaden your horizons by gaining insight into a new country and culture.

You will find that local people at your chosen destination will generally be happy to help participate in questionnaires and interviews. If necessary, we can provide a translator.

WIN-NEPAL staff will help you with all the practicalities necessary to conduct your research, including setting up meetings, organizing transportation and planning interviews. We also help you to remain in contact with your US, Australia, NZ and UK supervisory staff throughout your placement.

Previous volunteers have carried out research in geography, biology, zoology, tourism, sociology, music, development studies and many other subjects. Contact us with your preliminary ideas and we will work with you to find a suitable area of study. You can also combine your dissertation with work on one of our other overseas voluntary work projects.