Disaster Relief Volunteer Work in Nepal

Dozens of communities across Nepal are still struggling to recover from the devastation caused by the earthquakes that struck in April 2015. After the immediate emergency response was completed, Projects Abroad launched the Disaster Relief Project in June 2015 to help communities recover and rebuild. Since then, our volunteers have made a significant progress in the Kathmandu Valley and Chitwan as well. However, there is still a great deal of work to be done and volunteers are needed to continue helping communities get back on their feet.The major focus of the project is on helping children in affected areas. This is especially important for WIN-NEPAL, as we want to make sure that every child in the community has access to a safe learning environment. More than 50,000 classrooms were damaged or destroyed in the earthquake and there is an urgent need to set up alternative learning spaces.

With the assistance of volunteers, WIN-NEPAL has worked on and completed several reconstruction projects so far. Damaged schools have been rebuilt and renovated and in communities where this has been impossible, new temporary or permanent classrooms and school buildings have been constructed.

We have also partnered with Nepal Youth Foundation UK, an international NGO with over 25 years’ experience. Their work has made a significant impact on improving the health and education of Nepal’s children. Through this partnership, we are able to repair or rebuild public schools that were damaged in the earthquake and that the Nepalese government has not been able to fund yet.

As a Disaster Relief volunteer in Nepal, you will work at sites based in urban and semi-urban areas in the Kathmandu Valley. The project will expand into other regions as work is completed and participation grows.

Your Role as a Disaster Relief Volunteer in Nepal