High School Students

Volunteer Abroad Programs for High School Students


We work with thousands of teenagers and high schools students looking to volunteer abroad during their summer vacation. It is fantastic to see people volunteering at such a young age. Due to the high demand for international volunteer work catered to teenagers (16-19), we’ve created specially designed volunteer programs for high school students – High School Specials.

Why do a Volunteer Program as a High School Student?

Over our, we’ve found that volunteering abroad in high school fosters a great sense of responsibility and maturity. International volunteer work is seen by both universities and employers as a positive use of time; something that sets individuals apart from others when applying for colleges and jobs.

Volunteering abroad is a great resume booster and many high school students write their college essays about their time overseas. We also suggest speaking with an advisor about academic or community service credit through your school.

Check out some stories from our former teenage volunteers to get a more personal sense of the benefits of a volunteer program for high school students.

How is a High School Special program different?

The High School Specials are volunteer programs geared towards individuals between 16 and 19 years old. There are a few benefits to the structure of the High School Specials that are particularly useful to younger volunteers:

We understand that many high school students have very tight summer schedules. Most of the volunteer programs for high school students offer multiple sessions from June through August. Both volunteer and internships placements are available as High School Specials.

Do I have to do a High School Special?

Volunteers that are 16 or older can also join one of our year round volunteer programs. It is very common for graduating High School students to join a standard placement, where the average age is generally 18-24. The standard programs are more independent and are usually better suited to high school students that have traveled before.