Street children volunteer Nepal

 Street Children Volunteer program design to rescue street children and preservation of children rights. Numbers of the street children are increasing in urban area. As there is no authorized date of street children in Nepal, there are 1000 street children are in Chiwan. Except Kathmandu, there are 4000 street children who are living in Pokhara, Biratnagar, Dharan, Nepalgunj, Bhairawa and other cities. The children who are living in street are 90% boys and 10% girls. The children are coming in street due to more urbanization, migration and desire to get more pleasure, selfishness of the persons of urban and increasing unemployment. The children above eight years are living pitiable life in the street. They have come in street due to stepmother, household disputes, poverty, ignorance and lack of family awareness. No organization is operating strong program for the betterment of the street children. The nation has not drafted any program and policy for their betterment. It is extremely necessary to support the deprived street children who are suppressed by the family, parents and society. It is also found that the street children are born to boys and girls involved in prostitution. The boys and girls involved in prostitution left the child in the street in early age and also left after maturing by nourishing some years. The street children beg whole day and live where they found more money. Their numbers are increasing in tourist areas. As the tourists help them by providing food, clothes and money, they are attracted tourist areas. Since childhood, due to street life and bad habit, they use tobacco dust, cigarette, hent, hasis, alcohol, smell dendrite and use injection. Some are found affected by HIV. The street children who depend upon tourists during tourist season and after ending tourism season, they carry load, collect plastic from the help of dirt and search pieces of irons and sell and pass their life. Due to lack of food, resident and cleaning, street children are covered by bed hugs and louses upon whole body. As they sleep with dogs and their whelp in the street, they suffer from various diseases. It is necessary to rescue of the street children by volunteer for the preservation of children rights of the street children deprived from the child rights. Therefore, we have requested to rescue and support them. We have targeted not to deprive them from child rights in 21st century and ascertain their future not only rescuing them. By our effort and your support, the future of the street children may be ascertained. We show you the history of street children contribute some for those street children who are facing many problems. Organization is working with street children to serve them differently, therefore, we invite entire volunteers of the world to donate and contribute your effort for street children. Let’s join our street children volunteer project.

Highlights: Street children volunteer placements available on volunteer hostel.

Available duration: 2weeks to 12 weeks

Experience required

It is not necessary any skills and qualification to involve in street children volunteer program. Upon your arrival you will receive relevant training towards the projects. You should however have passion to help the Street children. If you are flexible and patient, you’ll cope better during the project and successfully complete your project as working conditions. For this project volunteer may need physical efforts, so you should be in good health. We just ask our volunteers to be flexible, enthusiastic, be patient and an open mind. Street children volunteer program is open to worldwide participant’s families, couples and individuals.

Project Location: The project placements are located in main urban city of Nepal according to your interest and chosen program. Mainly Kathmandu, Chitwan, Biratnagar and Pokhara  most of the volunteer placements are located within 2-4 km. from their accommodation and volunteers use local transportation such as mini bus or taxis for their commuting.
Start dates: The street children volunteer program starts after your arrival, year round.

Languages: English

Program requirements: 

Volunteers must be 16 years or older at the beginning of the program. Volunteers need to have an open mind and flexible attitude for working in a new and different environment. The volunteer should bring energy and enthusiasm to make a difference.

Arrangement of room/food/supervision: WIN-NEPAL will manage your accommodation, food and supervision while you work in a volunteer program. You will stay either with a host family, in a project hostel or in a home base. In the home base, you’ll share your room with other volunteers and use communal toilets. You’ll be served 3 meals a day. Meals in the home base can be local or continental. In the host family, you’ll have a room for yourself and will be served 3 local meals a day. Staying with a host family will provide you with a wonderful opportunity to experience Nepali lifestyle and live with a warm and welcoming family. You can even learn to cook Nepali food. While volunteering, our staffs will visit you every two weeks. During the visit, we will check on your progress and make sure you’re satisfied and happy

Transportation: Volunteers are met at the Nepal international airport in Kathmandu, upon arrival into Nepal. Once you are in your placement you need to work out transport for any traveling you wish to do, whether this is simply to the local shops or further a field for sightseeing. Travel will usually be by micro bus, tempo, taxi, larger buses or simply walking, several projects are just walking distance.

Trip upgrade: We proudly offer this project and travel packages in Nepal. You can customize or upgrade this travel itinerary to meet your specific interests. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail. We are looking forward to hear from you.
Note: You will also need a weekly budget up to $ 10 to cater for all your personal expenses like bath soap, laundry, Telephone, mineral water etc.

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