Elephant Volunteers in Chitwan

Elephant care volunteer program in Nepal provides an opportunity to care take the largest living land animals. Elephant volunteer in Nepal popular between those travelers who interested to work with elephants and know all about elephants. Our animal shelter volunteer program offers Volunteer with Elephants in elephant sanctuary in Chitwan Nepal. WIN-NEPAL offer Elephant care volunteer at an elephant camp in Chitwan is a extraordinary volunteer experience. Elephant care volunteer project dedicated to helping the domestic elephants and conserving their natural habitat in Nepal. Elephants are the largest brains of land animals that can run as fast as 40km per hours (25mph) and perfect for swimming but cannot jumping. Female elephants are pregnant for about 22 months. Wild and domestic Elephants are in danger of extinction due to hunting and loss of natural habitat No animals prey on healthy adult Elephants.

Elephants are domesticated creatures follow the command of mahout gives. During volunteering period you can got an opportunity to have behavioral study of domestic Asian Elephants. Local temperature of plain area where elephants are live that divided into a cool (November to February about 10◦C) and a hot period (March to July about 41◦C). In Chitwan National park there is an elephant breeding center where baby elephants and their mother live. According to recent data of National park there are total 208 captive elephants in Nepal. The majorities of private elephants are in and around Chitwan National Park, mainly used for travel and tourism purposes. Government elephants are mainly used for patrolling and research purposes whereas private elephants are mostly used for forest excursions.
Elephant eat about 250 kilograms food each day and drink about 200 liter water, an elephant has to keep on eating most of the time because of its poor digestive mechanism. An elephant loves swimming and it has to be taken for bath each day. Volunteer got an opportunity to work, feed, bath and clean the habitat of domesticate elephant.  Chitwan National Park is a Natural habitat for different spices of animals and birds there are many domestic elephant also uses for jungle safari by riding elephants. Chitwan National Park is a famous jungle safari destination known as an exciting and diverse wildlife haven located 175 Kilo meters south west of Kathmandu valley. Endangers spices of one horn rhino, bear, bison, leopard and elusive tiger are the main attraction of park. Our elephant care volunteer program focused to protect, help in preparing food, help in bathing and work for the special care of baby Asian elephants anyone interested can participate in Elephant care volunteer program at elephant sanctuary Chitwan. If you need more information about elephant care volunteer in Nepal fell free to contact us.

Highlights: Elephant care volunteer placements available on hotel in Chitwan, Koshi tappu and Bardia.


Available duration: 2 weeks to 12 weeks


Experience required: Normal wildlife or domestic animals care skills is enough to involve in Volunteer with Elephants camp Chitwan Nepal.  Anyone interested working with elephants can join the Elephant volunteer in Nepal. Your duty will be on to help in preparing food, help in bathing and work for the special care of baby elephants. You will be helping mahouts (elephant drivers) while making an elephant bath. The main help will be on preparing food for elephants. Grass is main food of elephants and they also eat leaves, twigs, bamboo, bark, roots, fruit, seeds and flowers. Elephants only digest about 40% of the food they eat as they have poor digestive systems. This means they have to eat lots of food to make sure they get all the nutrients they need. Elephant are given special food containing molasses inside covered with hay or grass.


Volunteer with Elephants Project location: The project placements are located in Chitwan Nepal only.
Volunteer with animals start date: The program starts according to your desire year round.
Languages: English

Volunteer with Elephants Activities: Elephants volunteers taking part in the project will work closely with one elephant throughout the duration of their stay. You will learn how to command elephants to follow directions, clean / feed her and keep her area tidy. Other activities may include general maintenance of the camp, path clearing, litter collection and help the Mahout (elephant rider), most of the time you will be at the camp and inside the park. You will not only learn how to ride your elephant but also how to care for these gentle and intelligent pachyderms. You will also have the opportunity to learn about the traditional life of locals tribes and join in with various communal activities.
Volunteer with animals Program requirements: Volunteers must be 16 years or older at the beginning of the program. Volunteers need to have an open mind and flexible attitude for working in a new and different environment. Volunteer should bring energy and enthusiasm to make a difference.
Arrangement of room/food/supervision: WIN-NEPAL will manage your accommodation, food and supervision while you work in a volunteer program. We will make your living arrangements in a standard Hotel situated in Sauraha Chitwan. Three times food will be provided (Tea, bread, rice, lentils, curry) if you would like to eat food of your choice you are welcome for that too.
Transportation: Elephant care volunteer just 5 minute walking distances.

Trip upgrade: We proudly offer this project and travel packages in Nepal. You can customize or upgrade this travel itinerary to meet your specific interests. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail. We are looking forward to hear from you.

Note: You will also need a weekly budget up to $ 10 to cater for all your personal expenses like bath soap, laundry, Telephone, mineral water etc.

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