Agriculture volunteers in Nepal – volunteer in organic farms

Volunteer work at organic agriculture farms project are open to volunteers taking a gap year, career break. Organic farming volunteers would be able to observe and learn farming techniques used by rural farmers, while sharing their own knowledge of agriculture. Agriculture volunteer is suitable for volunteers studying or training in the fields of agricultural management, entomology, disease control, organic farming, marketing, farming techniques, irrigation and plant nutrition. More than 80% of the populations of Nepal are depended on agriculture it is main source of economic sector of Nepali people.  Different types of crops and vegetables are grown here in different seasons ranging from lower land (57m) to High mountain region.
Agricultural volunteer program will give you an opportunity to live together with local host farmer family, learn agricultural practices carried out by them since ages, and take part in agricultural work. Agricultural work in Nepal is taken as celebration and cultural practice; cultural aspect of Nepali agriculture is unique. Nepal celebrates different agriculture related festivals among which some are hile jatra (paddy plantation ceremony), Daai festival (the paddy harvest ceremony). The nature worship and agricultural worship are part of animism which is still among farmers. In agriculture volunteer program you can get an opportunity to learn different native techniques from this agricultural volunteer program, like to make Gundruk, wave gundri (mat from straw), blankets from wool, churn the curd to produce ghee, milk animals in traditional way, eat tree ripened fruits etc. Learn the ideas and techniques from local Nepali people so when you go back to your country you can grow plants in Nepali way. Ploughing the field using oxen can be matter of fun for you. These small experiences will transform your life and make you wiser, be a local everywhere to know.
Volunteers interested in organic farming, especially those with knowledge or experience in agriculture and farming, can lend their hand as a working in the fields alongside local farmers as 
organic farm volunteer. Sustainable farming and agriculture is a wholly organic process using non-genetically modified seed and no chemical inputs.  Organization working in agricultural field to promotes organic farming to improve quality of life of local farmers as well as to reduce the poverty. Its entire effort remains for the pioneering of organic farming, which is essential to keep ecological and environmental balance in the nature. We would like to invite school groups, university students, adult and professional who are interested in organic agriculture volunteering to create and run custom programs for cultural visits, service projects, volunteer works and internship works in our organic farms. Therefore, we request you to apply organic farming volunteer program to donate and contribute your effort in society, let’s join our organic agriculture farming project.

Highlights:  Agriculture volunteer placements available on volunteer hostel and local host family basic.

Available Duration: 1week / 2weeks / 3weeks/ 1 month / 6weeks

Experience Required: It is not necessary any specific skills and qualification for Agriculture volunteer program. Upon your arrival you will receive relevant training towards the Agriculture volunteer projects. If you are flexible and patient, you’ll cope better during the Agriculture volunteer project and successfully complete your project as working conditions. For Agriculture volunteer project volunteer may need physical efforts, so you should be in good health. We just ask our volunteers to be flexible, enthusiastic, be patient and an open mind. Agriculture volunteer program is open to worldwide participants, families, couples and individuals.
Project Location: Agriculture volunteer project placements available all over Nepal organic farms are located in beautiful rural villages with diverse culture. Most of the volunteer placements are located within 2-4 km. from their accommodation and volunteers use local transportation such as mini bus or taxis for their commuting.

Program start dates: Agriculture volunteer program starts every week, year round.

Languages: English

Program Requirements: Volunteers must be 16 years or older at the beginning of Agriculture volunteer program. Volunteers need to have an open mind and flexible attitude for working in a new and different environment. The volunteer should bring energy and enthusiasm to make a difference.

Arrangement of room/food/supervision: WIN-NEPAL will manage your accommodation, food and supervision while you work in a volunteer program. You will stay either with a host family, in a project hostel or in a home base. In the home base, you’ll share your room with other volunteers and use communal toilets. You’ll be served 3 meals a day. Meals in the home base can be local or continental. In the host family, you’ll have a room for yourself and will be served 3 local meals a day. Staying with a host family will provide you with a wonderful opportunity to experience Nepali lifestyle and live with a warm and welcoming family. You can even learn to cook Nepali food. While volunteering, our staffs will visit you every two weeks. During the visit, we will check on your progress and make sure you’re satisfied and happy.

Transportation: Volunteers are met at the Nepal international airport in Katmandu, upon arrival into Nepal. Once you are in your placement you need to work out transport for any traveling you wish to do, whether this is simply to the local shops or further a field for sightseeing. Travel will usually be by micro bus, tempo, taxi, larger buses or simply walking, several projects are just walking distance.

Trip upgrade: We proudly offer this project and travel packages in Nepal. You can customize or upgrade this travel itinerary to meet your specific interests. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail. We are looking forward to hear from you.

Note: You will also need a weekly budget up to € 10 to cater for all your personal expenses like bath soap, laundry, Telephone, mineral water etc.

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