Overseas Staff

WIN-NEPAL offers unparalleled overseas back-up for our volunteers worldwide. We employ more than 100 staff who is there to help you settle in Nepal and support you throughout your stay.

In most of the countries from where we receive volunteers; we have a Country Director and a staffed office. The staffs in our destinations have a wealth of knowledge and all our Country Directors understand the needs of our volunteers. They are available by day at the local office, or 24 hours a day by phone.

Please contact the respective director as mentioned as below to have a accessible knowledge which might help you to explore your volunteering activities with WIN- Group.

Subin Kharel
Australia Director

Subin was born in Nepal and studied Business Administration at CQU University. He joined WIN-NEPAL in December 2015. Kharel has a wide range of international and educational work experience including teaching and a post as the National President of AIESEC Australia International Association for Student Exchanges). He has also arranged student exchange programes in Austrlia, and the USA.

Rejina Ghimire

Newzealand Director

Rejina was born in Nepal and studied Master of Nursing in New Zealand. She joined WIN-NEPAL in Jan 2016. Ghimire has a wide range of international and educational work experience including Brylyn Residential care teaching. She has also arranged student exchange programes in New Zealand. Rejina  will be there in Nz to teach you Nepali Cultural stuff along with the Nepal’s geographical and weather information which will help volunteers feel comfortable as they already got an most information.

Sabrina Melanie

German Director

Sabrina joined WIN-NEPAL as the Volunteer Advisor for Germany. She has lived in Munich, most of her life and has recently received her Honors degree in Sociology and Computer. She has traveled parts of Schengen Europe and Nepal as well and worked as a counselor for a institute for a year. She loves meeting new people, collecting music, outdoor adventures and experimenting in the kitchen. Those who are around from German, they can directly contact with her for further detail info.

Esther Marcillo
Volunteer Advisor- Spain

Esther was born in Barcelona, Spain. She gained a degree in Tourism in 2010 and since then has worked as tour guide, travel agent and receptionist. She enjoys cooking, reading, making new friends and going to music shows or festivals. She has worked and traveled through several countries in South and Central Europe along with Nepal. She joined WIN-NEPAL in February 2014.