Our Achievements

A Huge Thank You to All Our Dedicated Volunteers

The work is endless.  But these figures are a rare tune among-st the heavy noise of bad news that we are constantly bombarded with. These numbers show a few of our achievements up to now. We cannot do justice, though, to the wonderful work done by so many WIN NEPAL volunteers who have given up their time to work abroad since 2010.

Here is a snapshot of some of our achievements:

The number of schools, spanning 25 countries, where our volunteers launched campaigns in 2015 to help improve literacy.
The number of developing countries that we work in across five continents.
The different nationalities of our volunteers.
The number of projects directly funded and operated by WIN NEPAL staff and volunteers.
The number of locations where we hold medical outreach and awareness programs.
The number of Disaster Relief volunteers who helped rebuild seven schools and a day care center following Earth quake .
The number of bird species identified in the Taricaya Ecological Reserve in Peru (more than one species of bird for every hectare in the reserve).
The number of projects that we offer our volunteers and interns, ranging from Teaching and Conservation to Medicine and Human Rights.
The number of cases that our Law & Human Rights interns have completed to date.
The number of students who can attend school thanks to the efforts of our Disaster Relief volunteers in Nepal.
The number of students, across 350 schools, who benefited from our Teaching Projects in 2015. Our volunteers have taught conversational English, French, German, maths, art, drama, sports, music and IT!

But the last word is – thank you – to all our dedicated volunteers, this is the result of all your combined and united effort, we should be celebrating, its a big undertaking –  lets dream up more amazing things we can do in the future.